StorybookCD blends traditional storytelling with cutting-edge technology to create a sonic adventure where your children star in the stories you grew up with.



Our story creators have decades of experience in the recording and parenting business. The StorybookCD team works to transport your child to a unique place where imagination rules.

Each CD features an introduction and three 10-15 minute personalized stories with a total running time of approximately 35 minutes. Your child's name appears throughout each story as the main character. Scripts are true to the trusted stories that you grew up with and are prepared with the sensitivities of young children in mind. Our stories are tailored for 3-7 year-olds but are great fun for everyone.

Picture your child drifting off at bedtime or listening in the car to tales of his or her own great adventures in the land of make-believe!

StorybookCD Vol. 1 (for girls)
(Personalized for Erin)
(Personalized for Emily)
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StorybookCD Vol. 1 (for boys)
(Personalized for Ian)
(Personalized for Jacob)